I enjoy playing PC games, particularly cooperative online multiplayer games with friends. One of these friends reached out with a simple request: he wanted a way to compare the games that I owned with the games he owned and find out which ones we had in common. Ideally he'd want to add multiple people to the list and compare all of us. The useful idea seemed worth investigating, so I looked a bit into the available Steam APIs to see if it was possible.

The initial setup wasn't quite as simple as I'd anticipated, but isn't that always the case? In order to get both game information and inventory information I had to pull from two separate Steam APIs. I used DaMitchell's Steam API for PHP to do most of the heavy lifting. Once that was written in PHP, creating a React app that interacted with it was much simpler.

I had a little fun and created an animated Steam logo in SASS for a loading animation, which gave me an excuse to work with trig functions in SASS.