I was tasked with co-producing, directing, and shooting this video. The script was written with a co-worker.


I flew down to Houston as we rushed around the city filming each interview. I ran lights, sound, and camera. It's always a challenge seeing where you're able to film moments before you're about to start shooting to try and find a great angle to film.


Editing the footage was pretty cut and dry. I learned a bit about fixing slightly out of focus shots and color correction. As with most of these videos, it can be challenging and fun to take so much footage of different people talking and start shaping a narrative.

After Effects

I found it challenging to get across the heart of Sysco because they handle so many different things. We asked them to provide b-roll, and we got footage of everything from warehouses, shipping trucks, and restaurants. It was tough to sum up who they were in such a little amount of time. That's where I got the idea of the "flipping windows" effect - building a scene out of stacked video frames that would flip over to build a larger picture.

Setting up the shot took a little bit of time because the more tiles you added the more it started taxing my computer. The final pull out ended up taking a few hours to render, so it became a challenge to tweak animations slightly as we got closer to the final product.