• Animating the Steam logo with SASS

    While working on the Steam Buddy Inventory Compare web app, I was faced with a problem: the API was incredibly slow to load. The only way I could find to build out a Steam inventory list was to pull information on each game individually, which wa... Read more
  • Animating a Soup Pot : Exploring CSS3 animation

    A fun perk of developing React applications is taking full advantage of easily being able to enter in and out of a loading state. I started with the generic "Font Awesome gear spin", but quickly determined that I could be having more fun with it.... Read more
  • BlueCross BlueShield Video displayed at luncheon

    The past few weeks have been a bit hectic. Thanks to some rushed deadlines, we had to crank out this video for Souper Bowl of Caring's 2017 Columbia Luncheon way faster than usual. I was happy with the finished product, but it certainly involved ... Read more
  • Updating multiple titles in Premiere Pro using InDesign

    A lot of times I feel like I'm trying to apply programming techniques to my work with multimedia, particularly when it comes to style. I hate committing to any style choices or styling multiple objects in the exact same way. This is the result of... Read more
  • A simple "Copy Text" button

    Something I've worked with often but never had a chance to create was a button to send text to a user's clipboard. One of those things that's easy to take for granted until you realize you don't exactly understand how they work. Read more
  • The mysterious BOM

    I had a strange series of discoveries while working with the CakeAssets Plugin today. One of the many ways a simple issue can turn into a strange journey of debugging. Read more
  • Learning Redux and React Router

    I have spent most of last year getting familiar with React and Flux, but as I was starting on the Tabletop Companion App I decided I should step up my game. Read more
  • Using PHP to detect if an image is sideways

    This year for whatever reason, a lot of Souper Bowl of Caring participants' photos are being published sideways. Read more
  • CSS headaches. (aka I am a genius)

    This is one of those things that took me so long to figure out, but when I finally got to the bottom of it I didn't have anyone to share in my victory. I suppose that's exactly what this page is for. Allow me to share a little victory that took m... Read more
  • Premiere Ripple Delete for the win...

    Ever find a tutorial that fits exactly what you need in order to save yourself hours of tedious editing? It's an amazing feeling. Read more
  • Headed to ConvergeSE 2016

    Looking forward to meeting lots of new folks and learning a lot! Read more
  • I learned how to make an HTML5 MP3 Player

    This was a fun afternoon project. Using some libraries and some custom code, I was able to cobble together an HTML 5 MP3 player for the podcast. Read more
  • Lead-Deals website launches with new podcast

    Exciting and busy news! Nothing beats having to launch a website on top of launching a podcast. Read more
  • Uploadable gets CropBox functionality

    Success! After playing around with it for a few days, I found a great way to integrate a Javascript library I found called Jcrop into the Uploadable CakePHP plugin. This means that once an image is uploaded you can dynamically resize and choose w... Read more
  • PlayTrybe enters beta launch

    Got to work with the creators of PlayTrybe to oversee a small beta launch of the website. Still plenty of work to be done, but it's exciting to see how much we've done so far! Read more
  • I met the Mayor!

    I shot a promo for Souper Bowl of Caring's Columbia, SC campaign with Mayor Steve Benjamin. Big thanks to South Carolina Director Sumner Bender for setting it all up! Read more
  • YMHI2015 Wrap-up Video

    Looks like eTV posted the wrapup video of the week I spent with Youth Media and Health Institute 2015 Read more
  • Souper Bowl of Caring Luncheon Video Premiers

    I was finally able to show off the video I'd been working on for the past few weeks highlighting Dave Peterson. It was a lot of trips to Houston, and a lot of time editing and re-editing, but I'm really pleased with the finished product. Read more
  • Jumping into work on the Souper Bowl of Caring Video

    Headed to Houston to shoot interviews on this new Luncheon Video, but stopped off to jump out of a plane first! Read more
  • YMHI2015 wraps up

    Wrapped a week of instruction. It was fun and rewarding, but was completely exhausting. Read more