A lot of times I feel like I'm trying to apply programming techniques to my work with multimedia, particularly when it comes to style. I hate committing to any style choices or styling multiple objects in the exact same way. This is the result of many years working on projects, getting to step Z, only to have someone step in and say, "You know, I'd love it if we could make the font smaller on step C" (This isn't anything against anyone in particular - I've done it to myself a few times as well).

With that being said, creating titles or lower-thirds in Adobe Premiere always makes my eye twitch a little bit. I love how easy it is to create titles using the program, but I'm committing to styles multiple times over. If I'm adding lower-thirds for twelve different interviews but I get to the end of video and realize I actually wanted a different font... then I'm looking at a lot of work to make subtle design tweaks. This either means too much work, or settling for less than perfect text in the interest of time. My programmer DRY signals start flashing.

I was overjoyed to stumble upon this video today talking about how you can make easily updatable lower-thirds using InDesign. It's a link I'm sure to share with everyone I know that does anything video-related.